Work With Me

All my work is custom made for my customers, I don’t mass produce anything in my shop. Everything I make for you is unique and to your individual specifications and desires. I like to think this keeps me open to your ideas and fresh and clear headed about your project with no preconceived notions.

Each project is a new blank slate ready for your creation. I also like the idea that my creations are of heirloom quality and will survive for many generations to come. Here’s what you can expect during the process of creating a custom made piece of furniture with me.

Concept Phase

During the concept phase we will discuss and share ideas about your project. Perhaps you have a sketch or a photo of your idea. I will try to understand what you want out of the piece, there may be things more than form or function that come into play. There may be times when I share technical or design considerations based on my expertise. You may have very definitive ideas or need some suggestions from me. Mostly, I just want to listen carefully and create exactly what you have in mind. Once we have a clear understanding, I create a few sketches to illustrate concepts and then we can move onto design.

Design Phase

The design phase is used to refine and solidify your concept. I create CAD drawings of your piece for your review. At this time we catch any miscommunications from the concept phase and I work out all the technical details for your creation. You will not only be able to see and review how the external piece will look, but also see all the internal details such as the joinery which will make your piece last more than a lifetime. In most cases, I can produce a final 3D rendering of your piece complete with materials, texture, light and shading for a very realistic picture of what your piece will look like when completed. When you are completely satisfied, we will sign off on the piece together and I will move on to build.

Build Phase

Of course this is the most rewarding and fun phase for both of us. It starts with me sourcing the wood for your project and depending on what we are building it could come from a variety of sources. Locally in Arizona, we have many fine woods with mesquite being the most unique from the region. I source wood from all over the country. There is nothing quite as exciting as a fresh new load of beautiful lumber in the workshop! As the project progresses I keep you updated with photos and descriptions and listen to any feedback you have along the way. I enjoy documenting and sharing every step of the creation process. Its great to look back when the project is completed and see how it all came together.


Depending on where you are located I can either deliver or ship the piece to you. I have shipped all over the country and create specialized crates to ensure your piece arrives safely and undamaged. Wherever you are located, I can get the final product to you.